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Me dental help number dental help of years back had a partial denture there’s the partial in and had a couple of root stumps there it’s one tooth around which that class was holding obviously.

dental help

dental help

  • The tech ninja was very unstable wobble around you can use these to put mini implants in .
  • A partial denture situation but the three houses in there so got three points of connection here and.
  • That little retainer at the back magnificent very straightforward .

hours problem solved patients are a fantastic four-legged for four-legged table shows say for to to be able to chew on so without .

These these mini implants will of course to be a very unstable denture indeed I think you’ll agree that we all have faces who could benefit from similar treatments now why can you I can implant dentistry .

Can be very productive for your practice of creating this slide just have a quick revision of some of the variances you’ve got some of the options you have when you extract it so currently when you extract.

The tooth what options do your patients really have and what revenue does your practice really generate depending on what extractions phase you may you may charge you maybe two three hundred maybe.

More maybe less and the current partial denture is only gonna give you a minimal revenue and it’s really not desirable by a patient’s crown partial into the same couple of thousand dollars maybe if you’re.

Lucky but when it comes to and of course we all know dentures have potential issues of needing adjustments and you know fitting and realize and all that sort of carrying on I don’t have a lot of time for dentures.

I just don’t like the one but I referred a prosthetist to do all the denture work but if it comes to stabilization of denture happy to do it