den tal ideas

den tal ideas

den tal expenses by  giving the people who work for them some  kind  of stability in life and so we know that it’s possible for you to get those  overhead numbers from den tal, down to , because we have hundreds of clients who already done it without  regular monthly payments from us so .

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now you get a practice with a million  den tal five in Billings before patients come through  the Pro Care plan through the door you get half a million dollars in expenses so you take half a million – the million five in Billings you have  million dollars in DEBIT as a result of replacing insurance in your .

practice and doing some common-sense low cost dental overhead management you’re now in a position where you have  tripled the cash flow that walks through your organization that you keep tripled three years of your life are now compressed into one but it doesn’t stop there now that you have a .

pool of  patients and got your overhead under control the next concept we’re going to introduce not in this presentation it’s called Co  low cost dental management and he’s an ethical legal and moral way for you to integrate the the work of specialists  into your practice even if you can’t do that work .

yourself there’s a way for you to be paid ppo dental insurance plans for diagnosis and follow up on complex cases where the specialists who do the work are paid for the actual complex surgery and generating three  complex cases a week should generate for you up to $, in incremental Billings which will leave .

you with two point four million dollars in Billings half a million dollars in overhead and . million dollars in BITE die in this Euler example again low cost dental  if your overheads  were lower if your Billings were higher bidirectionally what have you done you’ve taken your overhead up by you taking your .

overhead sorry steady den tal you’ve taken your cash flow up by six times  ppo dental insurance plans six times six years of your life compressed into one year simply by working with a  different business strategy than the one that you low cost dental have let’s dig into the numbers now and answer question number four on our screen .

where does that half-million ppo dental insurance plans dollars come from why would an employer pay you your dental office the way they would an insurance company what happened  here didn’t you think insurance companies are all powerful and dictated den tal everything in the profession well