medicare dental plans

medicare dental plans is to move all teeth so the the two cases I showed were representative of a typical Invisalign case where medicare dental plans I want to move all of the teeth including the molars and get everything satisfied so .

medicare dental plans

medicare dental plans

I don’t do a lot of just anterior orthodontics so the the idea is if we’re going to be doing a mild to moderate case I would expect easily to have a seven-day aligner change if you’re delivering in a first round maybe to months per arch and a second round of to so yes the aligner change.

The day change is dependent upon how many mops you’re delivering because that creates the amount of inflammation and/or cytokine level to be able to give you your your resulting time change okay now the next question shows up similar how many days per liner in.

A mild to moderate crowding well I think we just answered that the how many days per liner in a moderate to severe so these are good questions and they’re right on the chart I think these questions were typed in before this truck popped up so I hope.

I’m giving you enough time to Mabel record this chart write it down I know this is being recorded you’ll have access to this chart after the fact this should be an archived.

Webinar at some point where you’ll be able to look it back up but you may as well jot down these time frames here to give yourself an idea of what the credentials are for delivering a technique .

That you can then produce the time change in your aligner okay then we have another question can propel be used to prevent post your open bite and clear aligner cases it’s not necessarily that providing