How To By Sand Timer

sand timer claim management services have  that option of having that information  within these programs or if the office doesn’t want to use that program they sand timer.

  • can get that within the website to insurance company websites I very rarely myself call insurance companies to me that’s a waste of time because you’re on the phone .
  • For so long you can so easily go to the insurance company websites and  get a wealth of information you just have to learn how to get around in the web sites you know for.


  • The information that you’re looking for you can get all kinds of information so again that LB explanation of benefits would be called electronic remittance advice advice.
  • So do they call that a ER a what else is the re don’t we have any attachment okay  and so .
  • When they do the direct deposit they should electronically send at the exact same time and the.
  • ER a electronic remains advice you can I’m also set it up like if you have an office email you can
  • Also set it up  where that insurance company is going to email you that they’ve made a payment to notify.
  • You of an electronic payment in the ER a also be set directly into soft any go soft den church all those not within the software program like I said  it would be through these claim.
  • Management companies it could go through there or it would be on the websites but what I’m sorry I work with the Clearinghouse and I find that very efficient to do it that way because
  • they’re sending you I mean you have  everything within that program you know your claims are in there you attach your x-rays in there you get your insurance response which is your IRA owner
  • you get your eligibility in there I think any office today really that wants to be more efficient with their insurance  stuff really needs to find out more about their clearing houses and what they
  • have to offer I mean they there’s so much more to them these days really yeah before you didn’t even know what their phone number was so I want to I want to go off top it a little bit in city
  • electronic claims and setting up  electronic deposit does this have any variable to do with embezzlement.