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I dentemax want to make sure that I mentioned we will be posting and I’m not sure where he’s already done it links to the safe water Calgary web site where you can get more information and as well please please please.



  • If you’re listening to this and it’s resonating with you take a minute to go to the petition .
  • That will be in the comments and sign that petition because there is something that we can do about this
  • We just need our voices to be heard and the more people that join together and say I’m concerned about this the better the stronger position we have to take it from the council and say Bulgarians.
  • Don’t want this email your councilors please yes and on the safe water Calgary Facebook .
  • As well as the website they’ve laid it all out there free memory is amazing and everything she’s done

There she’s got everybody’s email address he’s even got a template there for you if you don’t have time to like figure out what you want to say in the email just copy paste it in there and send it off.

The more voices that are heard in this even if you have after listening to this a shadow of a doubt as they say if you’re on a jury in a trial if you have a shadow of a doubt in your mind about

Whether you think that this is a good idea or not isn’t it better to err on the side of caution throw your name on that petition and let’s put.

A stop to this the precautionary principle if you’re in doubt don’t do it right you can also it’s a position first of all do no harm yeah but we should be dealing.

We talked with it just a little bit earlier about the poor kids we should be doing something for the poor kids but unfortunately those affected most by the side effects of fluoridation and overdosing fluoride .

The fetus babies children the poor people of color the disadvantaged chronically ill people in the elderly that’s pretty large so truthfully being there you’re the only brother the majority you get right down to it yeah so.

What can we do for the poor kids if Laurie doesn’t work for them and it’s going to be causing more harm obviously any good it might do what can we do for them well I think and I’ve been asking counsel for .

The last two or three years we should be at least for me a pilot program that’s similar or modeled on the child small program out of Scotland Scotland